Bustin’ lets you save the world from the pandemic by shooting toilet paper at zombie-esque people, out now on iOS and Android

In case you missed it, Mad Carnival Games has officially launched Bustin’, a hilarious take on the pandemic where you’ll have to fulfil your noble mission of saving the world by shooting toilet paper at crazed people. The vibrant new title features a variety of ridiculous (but efficient) vehicles you can tinker around with to help you complete your mission, with everything from souped-up camper vans to tissued taxis.

In Bustin’, you can look forward to a zombie survival-esque experience but without hordes of the undead – although one could argue that mallgoers scrambling to get the last roll of toilet paper might just be worse than a zombie virus outbreak. The game puts your delivery skills to the test as you aim to rack up as many points as you can, and while there are plenty of power-ups littered around the streets to help you on your quest, you’ll also have to keep an eye out for pesky customers that can bring you down faster than you can say, “Karen”. … [MORE]