Insomniac hackers leak a bunch of stolen files, including Wolverine assets and future project details

A group of hackers which allegedly breached Insomniac Games have now released a bunch of sensitive data it stole into the wild, after threatening to do so unless it was paid a hefty ransom.

According to Cyber Daily, the leaked data amounts to 1.67 terabytes that comprises around 1.3 million files, which have been uploaded to the group’s darknet leak site. It looks as though these files include details of a number of aspects of Marvel’s Wolverine and a roadmap of future Insomniac releases.

The data related to the former that’s been unceremoniously jettisoned onto the internet appears to include early footage, design images, and an outline of a potential release window for the game. There’s also reportedly a publishing agreement signed by Marvel and Sony that’s tied to several planned X-Men games, with Wolverine being the first on the list.

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