Rush Royale has had an impressive year, hitting over 73 million downloads

MY.GAMES has just revealed the impressive performance Rush Royale has had in the last year. In a short time, the title has achieved 2x growth in a single year, raking in over $120 million in revenue. Within the last three years, Rush Royale has solidified itself in the tower defence strategy genre, accruing more than $280 million and 73 million downloads since 2020.

Rush Royale has seen immense activity in the last year. There have been a maximum of 707,000 battles being played per day, with 173 million fights taking place each month. PvP battles grew considerably as well, as over a billion battles occurred. Players exploited abilities to the fullest extent, as the use of hero powers and item mergers hit seven billion and 91.7 billion respectively. … [MORE]